Congregational Survey Results

Hello Immanuel,

Attached to this email is a copy of our report on the pastoral survey results. This report was sent to District President Henke along with all of the nominations that we received. We present it here to you so that you will continue to be informed of our progress during the Call Process. It was written with you in mind: we wanted a summary of our findings that we could present to the congregation in a manner that was accessible to all. We feel it is important for everyone to see the variety and types of answers shared by your fellow members.

As you review this report, please remember a few key details: the Call Committee received over one hundred surveys. Most of the questions asked for multiple answers, which many of you provided. The end result was a vast volume of data that needed to be reviewed and tabulated. The Call Committee spent many hours reading every survey and cataloging every single answer. Some answers were specific; others were broad. Given the nature of the "fill in the blank" answers, it isn't feasible to write a report that lists every single answer in exact detail. We did our best to group similar answers together and to record the number of answers in these groups. The report presents the most common answers given for each of the questions. Each of the questions had a number of unique answers that we couldn't include in the report. It is our intention to compile these suggestions and present them to the appropriate church committees for further consideration.

If you would like to discuss any of these issues or processes in more detail, please reach out to anyone on the Call Committee. Thank you!


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