Update on the Call process

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
This is an update to let you know where we are in the call process.  A call committee has been formed and we have had our primary meeting with our Circuit Visitor, Pastor Glenn Meyer.   At that meeting we chose Jon Bence to be the chairman.  The rest of the members of the committee are Wes Beasley, John Brigham, Vince Carr, Joel Heisterberg, David Lange, Irene Rainwater, Jake Rogers, Todd Stevens, Jennifer Stickney, and Chris Winston.  After listening to Pastor Meyer describe the call process and our duties as a call committee we agreed to meet again next week to work out the procedures we will follow and the best way to involve the congregation in the process.  You can expect more updates will follow from the committee chair, Jon Bence, as we all work toward the goal of calling a new pastor to Immanuel.
John Brigham
Director,  Board of Elders

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