Important Sunday Information

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

As we focus our hearts and minds in preparation for Consecration Sunday on October 15th, let us reflect that Consecration Sunday is not just a continuation of the ongoing support for the mission and ministry of Immanuel, but also committing to Owning God’s Vision that God has already prepared for us.

The stewardship of our time, talents, and treasures are acts of trust, and as we trust that God knows how to utilize our generosity, we trust He will not fail to continue to provide for us in our own lives.  The same is true with the vision. In the upcoming year, we are going to find ourselves challenged to continue on every step of the visioning process and the visioning to come. Together, we will encounter new and exciting adventures and also challenges to work through and overcome as one.

Our role of owning a vision is similar to that of a shepherd. As a shepherd would seek out one lost sheep from his flock, the same is true for us in that, if we are truly seeking after God’s vision for Immanuel, then our job is to shepherd His vision. With that, we take the first step in Owning God’s Vision for His church

If you are unable to attend service, you can confidentially submit your pledge card to the Stewardship Director, Kyle Seeman, via email or phone, or by clicking the link below:

Link to Pledge Card:
Phone: 918-409-8174

Blessings in Christ,
Board of Stewardship, Immanuel Lutheran Church

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