School Needs Your Help

The Preschool Needs YOU!
We are asking for your help!!
This Friday evening at 5 pm, we will begin moving furniture in our preschool building from one side to the other so the floors can be deep cleaned and re-waxed.

Saturday evening at 4 pm, we will move furniture from the previous side to the other side, plus the hallway…this means EVERY piece of furniture and equipment in the preschool will need to be moved.  On Saturday, we will provide pizza!!
These nights should only take 1-2 hours each if we have enough hands to help us.  We are literally moving it across the hall…it’s not hard work but it’s a lot of time-consuming work for just a few people.  
Please consider helping if you have the time/ability- we would absolutely appreciate it so much!!
*If you are a K-12 family and need volunteer hours for scholarships or services hours for NHS, this would count!
We appreciate any and all help in advance!

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