Message from Head Elder Brigham

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
The Oklahoma District has been unable to find a traditional vacancy pastor to assign to Immanuel.   In light of this, Immanuel will have a non-standard vacancy.  While he will be unable to preach at Immanuel on Sundays Pastor Rick Dailey of Okmulgee will be our vacancy pastor.  Pastor Dailey will help provide pastoral counsel and advice, attend committee meetings as needed, and assist us wherever possible.  Immanuel will continue to bring in guest pastors on Sunday as often as they are available.   While the District couldn't find a pastor who could fill the role of vacancy pastor by himself we can be thankful that area pastors are stepping up to help us during this time of transition.  Please continue to pray for the pastor that the Holy Spirit will lead us to call to Immanuel.  Pray also for one another as we wait with anticipation, not just the coming of a new pastor but also, the glorious celebration of Easter Sunday.


John Brigham

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