Our Story

Who We Are

We are a congregation of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (LCMS). Even though Lutherans built churches in Oklahoma before statehood, even though one of the oldest churches in Oklahoma, formed among Cherokee Indians in the former Indian Territory, is a Lutheran Church, and even though Lutherans were well represented in the land runs, the Lutheran Church is not exactly the largest Protestant family in Oklahoma. Yet, Lutheran churches ranging from small to large, rural to urban are found in most parts of the state.

When Did It All Start?

As the original Protestant group, Lutherans have a heritage of over 500 years. The movement of reform that spawned the Protestant churches began on October 31, 1517, by an ordinary yet remarkable man named Martin Luther.

In fact, all Protestant churches consider Martin Luther their spiritual forefather who brought to light again the most vital teachings of the Bible. Because of his efforts Bible reading, hymn singing, and preaching became commonplace in the church. He showed by means of the Bible that through personal faith in Jesus Christ every Christian has access to God.
Where Do You Find Lutherans?

Lutherans are in every state of the U.S. and on every continent. The Lutheran Church is the largest Protestant family in the world, and third-largest in the U.S., after Baptists and Methodists. They are in every segment of society, and in every race. The greatest numerical presence of U.S. Lutherans will be found in the upper Midwest and Northeast. Yet many large Lutheran churches are found in the South, the West Coast, and in the region of the Rockies.

About 95% of U.S. Lutherans belong to congregations affiliated with the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod [LCMS] or the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America [ELCA]. Immanuel Lutheran in Broken Arrow is in the LCMS. The LCMS takes a more conservative approach in doctrine and the inerrancy of the Bible.

The Lutheran Hour, broadcast over 1500 stations in many languages worldwide, is the largest religious broadcasting network in the world.

The LCMS operates a university system of 10 campuses around the nation, and two graduate seminaries to prepare pastors and missionaries and to develop scholarly researchers in its doctoral programs. The LCMS has numerous partner churches throughout the world and sends missionaries into about 35 different nations. Churches, schools, colleges, hospitals, and institutions of mercy are supported and operated in many of these lands.

How Do Lutherans Worship?

Lutherans can worship in a wide variety of styles, as long as such worship is faithful to the Word of God and focuses on Jesus Christ and the Gospel. Lutheran worship includes praise, confession, and forgiveness of sins, reading and proclaiming the Word of God, prayer, and with great frequency, celebration of Holy Communion.

Most typically, Lutheran Church worship is celebrated according to the historic traditions and usage of the Christian church and includes ceremony, vestments, candles, processions, crosses, seasonal colors. symbols, and hymnody. A sense of reverence is joined to a joyful celebration.

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