Message From Pastor Wilke

Dear Immanuel family,
Last night I received word that Trinity Lutheran Church, Broken Arrow, voted to extend the divine call to me to serve as pastor.
In April, I met with their call committee and asked that my name be removed for consideration of this position. This is something I have never done before. During my seventeen years as pastor, I have always allowed my name to stand on call lists no matter my situation or the location of the church. I have done this, simply because I believe strongly in the work of the Father, through the Holy Spirit, in the divine call. On the fourth call list, I allowed my name to stand, keeping with my normal policy and trusting God. In this moment, the words of LSB #737 ring true, “His wisdom never plans in vain, nor falters nor mistakes. All that His counsel may ordain a blessed ending makes.”
Receiving a call does not make me obligated to take it. Now is a time of prayer and counsel seeking the Lord’s wisdom and purpose for his church. I simply ask that during this time you would continue to love my family and me and lift us up in your prayers. Because of the timing of this call, so close to Christmas, I will be working with our elders, Trinity’s elders, and our District President to determine the best time to announce my decision (when that time arrives).
Be assured that this is the Lord’s church and he will see us all through this and we will all be blessed.
In Christ, for the church and the world,
Rev. John Wilke

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