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Breaking Down the Church Year

We, as humans, have always been keepers of time and events in life. This consciousness is something we received in creation. God the Father, in creation, established the concept of time when He made the distinction between “day and … night — the first day” (GEN. 1:5). Because of this reality, our lives are consumed [...]

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Sacred Head, Now Wounded

The following sermon, which was delivered today (April 9, 2014) in chapel at the LCMS International Center, is adapted from a sermon written by Chaplain William Weedon. The sermon is one of many included in a Lenten series published by Concordia Publishing House (CPH) in 2009 titled Sacred Head, Now Wounded.  How many the wounds [...]

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Sinners Welcome?

Are sinners really welcome in our churches? Well, of course! Lutherans know this instinctively. Our Divine Service almost always begins with a clear confession of sin followed by absolution. If we ask if some are better off than others, we know the Scriptures: “None is righteous, no, not one; no one understands, no one seeks [...]

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Why Reformation?

[Note: This sermon was preached in Chapel at the International Center, on the Festival of the Reformation, October 31, 2013. + Herbert Mueller, LCMS First Vice President.] We observe Reformation Day, not because Lutherans are better, but we observe it for the sake of the Gospel. Our Church is always reforming, always coming back to [...]

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Kingdom of God

What is the Kingdom of God? Answer: Simply what we learned in the Creed, namely, that God sent his Son, Christ our Lord, into the world to redeem and deliver us from the power of the devil and to bring us to himself and rule us as a king of righteousness, life, and salvation against [...]

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“Behold, the Lamb!”

The Christian Church, wherever she finds herself and in whatever position she has in a given culture, is called to do one thing above all else: to stand with John the Baptist and to point to Jesus Christ, saying, “Behold, the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!” (John 1:29). This [...]

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Presentation of the Augsburg Confession

June 25 – The Presentation of the Augsburg Confession October 31 is rightly celebrated as Reformation Day, the day in 1517 Martin Luther published 95 Theses for debate, an action considered to be one of the sparks of the Reformation. June 25, however, is at least as important. On this date in 1530, Chancellor Christian [...]

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What is the Significance of Lent?

Q: What is the significance of Lent? A: Early in the Church's history, the major events in Christ's life were observed with special observances, such as His birth, baptism, death, resurrection and ascension. As these observances developed, a period of time was set aside prior to the major events of Jesus' birth and resurrection as [...]

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Amen! Come Lord Jesus!

Jesus said, “Surely, I am coming soon!” And the Church responds, “Amen.  Come, Lord Jesus!” (Revelation 22:20). These words, found in the closing verses of the Book of Revelation, and echoed even in our “common table prayer,” form the believer’s response to the message of Advent. Our Lord Christ has come.  “Unto us a child [...]

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What is Advent?

The Church divides the year into different seasons that emphasize the life of Christ and the life of the Church. Beginning on Sunday, November 27th 2011, we will enter the season of the Church year called Advent. Advent is a four-week season of preparation and anticipation leading up to Christmas, on December 25th, 2011 and [...]

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