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Wednesday Nights Are Coming!

It's time to attend Wednesday nights at Immanuel. On September 7th at 6 p.m. we will have an orientation about the upcoming year followed by an Ice Cream social in the gym. Don't miss this great opportunity to hear about the exciting Wednesday night programs at Immanuel.

Creation Workshop Comes to Immanuel

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Joplin Service Project

The people of Joplin have been on the hearts and minds of Immanuel since the tornado swept through their city on May 22, 2011. We have sent (as of Thursday) two teams to the Joplin area to help with the clean up. And as part of our Vacation Bible School mission project we raised over [...]

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Ministry Fair Sonic Commercial

Check out our latest installment of the Sonic Commercial Series: Ministry Fair Don't forget to attend the Ministry Fair on May 15th during the Sunday school period. This is a chance to see all of the ministry opportunities one can get involved in at Immanuel. And remember, there is no Sunday school on the 15th.

Three Creeds

Historically, the Christian Church has recognized three Ecumenical Creeds: the Apostles’ Creed, the Nicene Creed, and the Athanasian Creed. A brief word about each of these creeds is helpful. Apostles’ Creed The Apostles’ Creed is the shortest and simplest of the “big three” creeds, and finds its origins in the writings of the first- and [...]

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What is Epiphany?

Epiphany is from a Greek word, meaning to "reveal" or "make manifest." The season of Epiphany is our time to focus on the revelation of "who" Jesus is: both true God and man. On the Festival of Epiphany, Jan. 6, we hear the reading of the visit of the wise men (Mt. 2:1-12). In that [...]

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What is Advent?

The word "advent" is from the Latin word for "coming," and as such, describes the "coming" of our Lord Jesus Christ into the flesh. Advent begins the church year because the church year begins where Jesus' earthly life began--in the Old Testament prophecies of his incarnation. After Advent comes Christmas, which is about his birth; [...]

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Thanksgiving Service Tuesday, November 23rd

Please join us tonight as we give thanks to God for all the blessings He continues to bestow on us His children. The Thanksgiving service is tonight, Tuesday, November 23rd, at 7 p.m.

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Close Communion: An Act of Love?

Before I became a confirmed member of the Lutheran Church. . .  I sat in on a few services. Yeah–a daring thing for a professing “Baptist” to do. Those Lutherans have an awful lot of communion. They do it at least every two weeks, and even more during Advent and Lent. Why is that? And [...]

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A Consumer Church?

Western culture is all about the self and how to gain bigger and better things. It’s no surprise, then, that this mentality has affected the way most of us think about church. It’s easy to get stuck in a mindset that continuously assesses the quality of a church based on what they have to offer [...]

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